Antagonise’s Korea Rework

MOD Desc
Thematic update to Rise and Fall’s Korean civilization, which adjusts the abilities to more accurately portray the periods of history they aim to represent. Includes the addition of the Hwarang as a unique unit specific to Seondeok.

Ability: Three Kingdoms
When they eliminate a unit in friendly territory, units heal 10 hit points per active alliance (to a maximum of 30). Your allies’ units heal 20 hit points after combat victories in friendly territory.

Unique Unit: Hwacha
Korean unique rennaisance era unit. High Ranged Attack Strength. Much cheaper than the Field Gun it replaces, and available earlier. May not move and attack on the same turn.

Unique District: Seowon
Provides +2 Science, increasing with appeal. Adjacent Farms yield +1 Food. Adjacent Mines yield +1 Science. Does not receive adjacency bonuses. Must be built on hills.

Ability: Butterflies and Bees
+20% Culture in any city with an established Governor, and +10% Science if the Governor has at least 3 Promotions.

Unique Unit: Hwarang
Korean unique Classical Era melee unit when Seondeok is their leader. Provides Culture and Faith when produced. Gains experience 50% faster for each Holy Site and Theater Square in the city from which it was recruited.

Focus: Culture, Science

Rationale This mod aims to address some parts of Rise and Fall’s Koean design that felt a little off. I’ll briefly break down my reasoning for changing each part of the mod below.

Three Kingdoms While I appreciate the attempt to integrate the Three Kingdoms period into the civ’s design, the actual ability it relates to only provides bonuses related to the Seowon – a primarily Jeoson dynasty institution. Additionally, tying the civ ability copmletely to its unique district doesn’t actually feel like an ability at all, but an extension on the district. So the farm and mine yield bonuses have been moved to the Seowon and I have put a small defensive/alliance based ability in its stead to more suit the name.

Hwarang The ability itself suits Seondeok well – her reign was certainly a period of cultural and scientific progress backed by strong governance. However I’m not quite sure what this has to do with the Hwarang, hence the rename and Hwarang UU. I pushed the science bonus back a little bit since Korea’s science is strong enough as is,
and to encourage the ‘tall’ playstyle that Korea suits well.

Hwacha Didn’t actually change anything here, just updated the text to describe its bonuses a little more clearly.

Seowon Tying the science to appeal simply make this a little more engaging. Additionally, it allows Korea to still gain a bonus to Science from mountainous terrain, which is fitting given their geography and the fact Korea built the first known observatory in the East. The bonus is +1 on Charming and +3 on Breathtaking.

Is this mod pushing you back to the start screen? This is an issue with load order and DLC, you can find an explanation here. It includes a link to the relevant patch that should fix this issues.

Additional Credits:
Unit Model: Sailor Cat

Do Not buy this game.

The recent update turned this game into spyware, the new End User License agreement allows the company to collect your personal information including:
Date of Birth
Zip code
Email address
Phone Number
Mailing address
Payment information
Computer hardware infomation
Console ID
Software products played
Survey data
IP address

This is purpose to gather this information is to sell it to another 3rd party company. So you are paying for a game that will make money off any data it can collect on you. This is probably a last minute change that the company is making for its earnings report next March to boost the bonuses/earnings of the shareholders of the company.

They rush ahead with updates they can sell while ignoring core components such as world builder. I’m not spending another penny on an overpriced content expansion when I can’t create my own – UNLIKE EVERY PREVIOUS VERSION OF CIV SINCE CIV 2!!!

After finally applying a ‘mostly’ fix to the worldbuilder, I went ahead and bought the new expansion (Frontier Pass). It didn’t install – got a refund. Bought it again via Xsolla a week later and it STILL doesn’t install. Managing updates should be the simplest thing but there is NO support. Your only choice is to get a refund. Once again, my review still holds true. These guys are more interested in collecting money than anything else, including support.

Time for another company to take the next version already. These guys are failing from greed.

Living up to Civ V is not an easy thing, and they understood this and have tried to build on what Civ V was and also change it a bit so people wouldn’t expect the same/be ready for changes.

In general the game is good! I have all the DLC and I don’t have any major issues. I am a pretty low level player in terms of strategies and so on, latest game I just expanded a bit, and then focused on building tall and trying to go for a science/culture victory while supporting my empire with trade and religion (money in-flow). Never built up an army, and I managed to never get attacked. I won by accidental diplomatic victory.

The game is fun, especially if you like Civ V and have enjoyed other similar games too (Endless Legends, Age of Wonders, 4X strategy games like Stellaris, CK2, EU4, and so on).