Real Great People (UI)

MOD Desc
New version 3.5 as of 21.05 – Updated for May 2020 Patch (New Frontier, Gran Colombia & Maya).

Adds pictures of the real Great People to the game. Improved Great People window.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, CQUI, Concise UI. Language independent.

Description Mod features:
– Pictures of the real Great People. Contains all Great People (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below), a total of 179 icons.
– GP progress is shown for all civs and sorted by turns to get the GP.
– Prophets are not in the middle of the window anymore, so the annoying space when they’re all recruited is gone 🙂
– Previously Recruited page allows for filtering by GP class or civ.
– Pictures also appear in the Civilopedia (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below).

1. Please note that the mod does NOT add any new Great People. These are pictures of GPs that are available in the base game only (inc. Timur and F.Magellan from R&F).
2. Please also note that there are no pictures for Comandante Generals as they do not appear in the Great People window. However, if somebody is willing to prepare the pictures so they would be displayed in the Civilopedia, then I’d be happy to add them into the mod.

Credits Sun Ce of Wu – for Great Prophets
SeelingCat – for Great Writers
DemonEmperor – for Great Generals
Desertmoongw – for Great Artists
natchuy – for Great Merchants
Gabrielino77 – for Great Scientists
The mod originally used a slightly tweaked Great People Window from Chao’s CQUI.

  • Two quick questions please..1) I’ve managed to re-use the default ‘GreatPeopleBackground(RGP).DDS’ file principles (it has a nifty surrounding box) while creating a custom Recruit section (darkening its calibrated area) to fit the required sizing for your own HUD ratio.But — i couldn’t find the proper XML reference instruction(s) that surely auto-insert divider lines (about three pixels wide yet offshoot’ing from the corners length at the top/bottom sections). Those should no longer be needed in my setup.. so, a swift remming with would be necessary.2) Is it possible to add the regular GP header(s) ID-text when the popup empties their normal UI structures when ‘All of these types have already been recruited!’ ??TY again.
  • Hey just a quick reminder (& any others) that i am currently revising the whole GP set to make some visual corrections (Contrast and generic GFX precision, etc) on those that mostly require ‘repairs’. A few (with too much pixelization flaws) could only be salvaged by using new images entirely.Global colorization steps (relative Gold/Browns) were also taken to maintain standard hues per Era. MODERN are slightly more photographic in style rather than filtered/burnt through Sepia pass for example, etc.So far so good.. up to about 80+ out of the default total — expecting nearly 25 more.And yes — ‘Simon Bolivar’ was changed too with one authentic 1837 illustration!
  • -Are you by chance also using Magnum Opus? I am experiencing similar phenomenon where not only have all of the GP of a type been suddenly earned, but I soon discover they were all dumped into one random AI civ. I *Think* this may have to do with Magnum Opus realignment of GP to their historical era and triggered by my patronage (faith purchase) of the first Industrial Age GP of that (and any/every) type. I think this because the anomaly does not occur until the industrial age, where Magnum Opus’s first realignment takes place (Van Gogh from atomic to industrial) I am only guessing, of course, but if you are running both Magnum Opus AND RGP, try eliminating Magnum Opus. That is what I a currently trying.
  • Good evening, I might have run into an error with your mod. I use other mods, but the error is affecting the Great Engineers and Great Merchants only ‘All individuals of this type have already been earned.’ Currently playing as Maori, turn 139 and the world has just entered the Renaissance Era, I’m slightly ahead in culture of others and middle of pack with science. The first and only GE recruited in this game was by Zulu, James of St.George. And Gilgabro snatched the GM Giovanni de’Medici out from under me.Has anyone ever experienced GPs disappearing from this mod or due to conflicts with other mods? Will gladly link/list my mods I play with if this is a known issue.
  • I knew this mod exsisted since early on of Civ 6 life. I always thought this mod added in those poeple, like Nimitz, Tesla and Carl Sagan. Then I realized those Great People were already in the game. I mean, how often do I read the Great Person name, I was more focued on what they did, The Great Person just had a general icon instead of a portrait, so I never focused upward. This mod is amazing, just to add in the portraits. I wish the Fraxis would of done it from the beginning. This mod is going to bring life to my game and it also will educate me on those historical people I don’t know of. My games are going to be more immersive and fruitful now. Thanks!