CIVITAS Great Seljuqs

MOD Desc
Adds the Seljuqs led by Alp Arslan and the Alamut and Urgench city-states for Rise and Fall.

Unique Ability: Siyasatnama
Gain Culture equal to 10% of your Gold Per Turn. Entering Golden or Heroic Ages awards +1 Governor Title

Unique Unit: Sarbaz (Replaces Pikeman)
Replaces Pikeman. Has reduced Maintenance, additional Movement, and ignores Zone of Control. Suffers no Strength penalties against melee units.

Unique Infrastructure: Caravanserai
Improvement unique to the Seljuqs. +1 Gold from every adjacent Resource, and an additional +2 Gold when next to an Oasis or River. Grants +5 Gold when a Trader is on a tile with a Caravanserai. Cannot be built next to another Caravanserai.

Alp Arslan
Unique Ability: Order of the Realm
Units trained in a city with a Governor gain a free Promotion. Gain access to the unique Vizier support unit.

Unique Unit: Vizier
When garrisoned in a city, the Vizier provides bonus Gold, Faith, Production, and Food for each specialty district. Additionally, the city has a chance to receive a random unique bonus every turn.

Suzerain Bonus: Grants 2 Fida’in resources, which unlock the ability to purchase Hashashin and Assassin units in your Capital.

Suzerain Bonus: Your cities founded on desert tiles provide +1 Trade Route capacity.

This mod currently includes support for:

JFD’s Rule with Faith
Gedemon’s YNAEMP
40sw4rm’s ‘Old World’

The current version of CIVITAS Seljuqs is v3. Previous versions are available for download from the links below.

CIVITAS Seljuqs v2 | 22nd February 2018[]
CIVITAS Seljuqs v1 | 19th February 2018[]

Concept & Design thecrazyscotsman, ChimpanG, SeelingCat, Chrisy15, SailorCat, p0kiehl
Code thecrazyscotsman (SQL, Python, Lua), Chrisy15 (Lua), SailorCat (SQL)
Artwork ChimpanG (Leader, Icons), SailorCat (Historic Moments), thecrazyscotsman (Icons)
In-Game Assets thecrazyscotsman (Assets), ChimpanG (Textures)

Leugi | Historic Moments | Icons

This mod has been bug-tested but if you do experience any serious bugs, please provide detailed information in the pinned conversation below.

IMPORTANT: This mod may not be compatible with Mac. If the databases do not match (due to a delayed update from Aspyr for example), any issues will likely be caused by the fact that we might be referencing a game_effect in this mod that doesn’t exist yet on Mac databases.

If you are experiencing StartGame/Back-to-Menu bugs with this mod enabled, please follow the directions listed here[] to fix the bug.

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They keep the base game cheap enough to consider, knowing all new content is sold in bite-sized $5 DLCs. Every product has a ‘Mixed’ or ‘Mostly Negative’ review for a reason, they’re not worth the cost of it all and people feel they’re being ripped off with all these microtransactions.

Civilization as you remember it died with IV. V ended up decent after years of patches and updates, but VI is a clear shift in pricing structure and the fans aren’t impressed by it. I wouldn’t recommend VI until well into the future (and with a huge sale).

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