Real Great Musicians

MOD Desc
Works with May 2020 Patch (New Frontier).

Description – New Great Musicians with pictures and samples of their music. Each musician comes with 2 Great Works of Music (standard yields, 4 Tourism and 4 Culture).
– New building Concert Hall that has 2 slots for Great Works of Music (optional).
– Great Musicians are available from Renaissance era (optional).

Atomic era:
– Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock (28s), Can’t Help Falling In Love (26s)
– Kraftwerk: Autobahn (27s), Trans-Europe Express (26s)
– Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love (29s), Kashmir (31s)
– Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World (28s), When the Saints Go Marching In (18s)
– The Beatles: Hey Jude (25s), Let It Be (27s)

Information era:
– Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence (31s), Personal Jesus (33s)
– John Williams: Star Wars Main Theme (26s), The Raiders March (29s)
– Michael Jackson: Billie Jean (29s), Smooth Criminal (28s)
– Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit (33s), Heart-Shaped Box (28s)
– Pink Floyd: Time (30s), Wish You Were Here (28s)

Concert Hall (optional) – Provides more space to store Great Works of Music (2 slots) and allows to earn Great Musicians a bit earlier (+1 GMP).
– It is mutually exclusive with Art Museum and Archaelogical Museum.
– An actual building visible in the district (not only an icon); uses the same art as both Museums.
– Double yields if themed – Music must be from different GMs.
– Uses bonuses from Grand Opera policy and Cultural city-states.
– You can deactivate this building via an option in RGM_Options.sql. In the line with RGM_OPTION_CONCERT_HALL set it to ‘0’.

GMs from Renaissance (optional) – You can earn Great Musicians starting in Renaissance Era.
– All existing GMs have been assigned new Eras, much more aligned with reality.
– You can deactivate this chage via an option in RGM_Options.sql. In the line with RGM_OPTION_UPDATE_ERAS set it to ‘0’.

Mod homepage on CivFanatics[].

The pictures are visibile only when using Real Great People mod.

Copyright note
This mod uses sound samples from songs or other audio recordings that are currently copyrighted. The copyright for it may be owned by the company who made it or the author. For a song, it may also be owned by the person(s) who performed it. It is believed that the use of this work qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law, where:
– the sample is short in relation to the duration of the recorded track, and is of inferior quality to the original recording,
– the sample is used for nonprofit educational purposes,
– the sample is intended for private use only,
– there is no adequate free alternative available.

When you have announced this game, I hoped that with its release you will fix all problems that Civilization 5 had. However, you have created a completely naked game or, in other words, a piece of trash. And you sell this trash for 60 EUROS.

Firaxis, I just cannot understand how you can be so greedy and have such a depraved vision on the future of your company. Instead of fixing Civilization 5, you made Civilization 6. Instead of creating a masterpiece Civilization 6, you made incomplete game and later on you released a DLC which, by the way, costs half the price of the game. Freaking 30 EUROS.

I hope you will stop going for outlandish profits, because in the end, customer trust is the most important thing. Being greedy will just cost you your future.

Getting back to the topic:
– Poor in-game customization
– Awkward game graphics, jesus christ, it’s so impossible to see the hills.
– The resource yields are just horrible. I have to play on Legendary start each time and even then, sometimes I get to spawn in terrible locations
– In CIV5 when you upgraded certain things with your workers – you received extra hammers, in CIV6 you receive EXTRA GOLD. How is that possible?
– The gold or faith just does not matter in this game anymore. You cannot buy anything valuable and troops just cost tonns of bucks.
– Miserable fog of war
– The problems from CIV5 still exist
– Incredibly AI
– Takes ages for AI to make their move after I tick ”Finish Move” (and my specs are far beyond the recommended ones)
– Lack of content which CIV5 had (Why the hell would you ever add golden ages in DLC instead of the original game??)
– And I am pretty sure there is much more things.

Overal Conclusion: I would not recommend this game because it is not worth of 60 EUROS. Buy during the sale for a great discount.

Here are I my thoughts on on Civ 6: I’ve over 1000 hours on civ 5 (and probably 2000hrs combined on all previous civs) and approaching 100 on Civ 6 (I’ve never played Civ BE) and I think they missed the mark on this one . Let me explain:

When I first played Civ 6, I didn’t like the cartoonish art, was not a fan of the new builder mechanic and didn’t like the monotonously colored map aka fog of war. I played several hours and then, to my delight, I started to understand the builder simplicity, appreciated the new art style. The new map style I still hated however. I finally started to get it.

But, after dozens of hours of play, I couldn’t ignore the painfully broken AI with completely random wars, behaviors and the strangest “friend” requests. They’ll ask you to be your friend and suddenly DOW your butt. There are so many weird issues that I simply can’t list them all here but to name a few more: the AI rarely attacks you after a DOW, does not defend it’s positions at all and sometimes will nag you every turn for things like alliances which just slows the game down. AI has always been the worst part of the Civ series but it seems to be at its worst in the newest Civ game. There are also some graphical bugs but the game is still fairly new so I can ignore these.

What really made me dislike Civ 6 however, was not particularly its flaws, but it was when I returned to Civ 5 and realized just how much of step back Civ 6 is. Everything from the map detail to color pallete (there seems to be a really nice contrast in Civ 5) to the game interface seemed “better”.

I can’t recommend this latest Civ game at its current stage but I hope that future add ons for it will help it “evolve” such as G&K and BNW did for Civ 5. In the meantime, I do highly recommend that you pick up Civ 5 and see for yourself the points I have outlined above.

===[ 📊 Rating ]===
✔️ good game

===[ 🕹️ Gamestyle ]===
✔️ Multiplayer
✔️ Singleplayer

===[ 👪 Audience ]===
❌ Kids
✔️ Teens
✔️ Adults
❌ Casual players
✔️ Pro players

===[ 🔥 Requirments ]===
✔️ Low / Budget
✔️ Medium / Office PC
✔️ High / Gaming PC
❌ Extreme / High-end or more

===[ 🐞 Bugs ]===
❌ Unplayable or gamebreaking
❌ Frustrating and feels unfinished
✔️ Few Bugs but nothing gamebreaking
❌ No bugs were encountered

===[ 🎯 Difficulty ]===
❌ Simple
❌ Sometimes challenging
✔️ Mostly challenging
✔️ Easy to learn and hard to master
❌ Masochistic but fair
❌ Too difficult and unbalanced

===[ 🌏 Story ] ===
✔️ Not needed / None
❌ Bad
❌ Average
❌ Good
❌ Very good
❌ Masterpiece

===[ 👀 Graphics ]===
❌ A matter of taste
❌ Bad
❌ Average
✔️ Good
❌ Very good
❌ Masterpiece

===[ 🔊 Audio ]===
✔️ Not needed / Music turned off
❌ Bad
❌ Average
✔️ Good
❌ Very good
❌ Masterpiece

===[ ⛸️ Grind ]===
✔️ Not needed / None
❌ Only for leaderboards / ranks
❌ Average grind level
❌ Heavily depends on gamestyle / personality
❌ A lot of grinding but feels rewarding
❌ Too much grind and feels repetitive

===[ ⏰ Gametime ]===
❌ Really short ( 0 – 8 hours)
❌ Short ( 8 – 20 hours)
❌ Long ( 20 – 50 hours)
❌ Very long ( 50 – 99 hours)
✔️ Endless ( 100+ hours)

===[ 💎 Price / Quality ]===
❌ In-Game-Shop ( only cosmetics )
❌ In-Game-Shop ( boosts / saving time )
❌ In-Game-Shop ( superior loot / stats )
❌ Free
❌ Not much
❌ Full price
✔️ Wait for sale
❌ Don’t do it

Feel free to copy this list, but please respect my effort and don’t remove this:
© Fackel