MOD Desc
Must Read It’s mod of hot mobile game named arknights, support Chinese and English language, support GS version.

I put this mod 2 part. this mod is part 1 called ‘Arknights basic’, it’s contain a whole civilization. you can choose this civilization play game.

But I think YOU CAN NOT MISS the part 2 called ‘Arknights basic expansion pack‘. only you have this mod, you can find interesting to recruit different operator from Arknights. I put some crazy ideal and surprise in this part.

so subscribe it! If you don’t like it, you can close it in game option easily.

Civilization Detail
Civilization Ability: Originiums Arts Mines, quarries and Originiums Mine +1 Production, After studying apprentice

technology, +1 Science.
Unlocks of iron, nitre, coal and uranium resources at the begining of the game, reveals special resource “Originiums” which allows you to recruit operators.

Civilization Ability: Originiums Infection All unit +5 attack while attacking, but -5 while defending. Reduce natural healing.
City begans with Lv.1 Originiums Infection, Each level of Originiums Infection will reduce 10% population growth; Every 5 population growth triggers Originiums Infection level +1.

Leader Ability: Cooperation Agreement Allows you to build and upgrade special buildings, and unlocks trade orders.

Leader Agenda: Love and peace Likes high happiness and peaceful civilzations, and hates warmongers.
(PS: I have not do AI text and logic yet, I will finish this job in future, but now remain what it is.)

Special Building: Manufacturing Station/Trade Station/Power Plants You can build and upgrade special buildings, It will provide city bonus scale up

according building level.
high level special buildings will provide more Citizen Slots ,Citizen Bonus and high level trade orders.

Special Improvement: Originiums Mine Special Improvement to mine Originiums, provide 1 [icon_production] Production for adjacent tiles.
Appeal of this tile -1. This city’s Originiums Infection level +1, happiness -1.

Note I love buildings in 《civilization 5》 and 《Total War: Three Kingdoms》, it not provide basic bonus, and scale up bonus to make a distinctive big city.

In civilization 6, it’s only wonders have some effect, but it’s not worth because of cost too high and can build only one, so I try add some building in this mod to make you build a super city(just like a city give you lots of gold, or building vert fast). It’s cool and dream for a civilization player, right?

However, It’s not easy in this mod, you still need face challenge of ‘Originiums Infection’. this is very dangerous way(cost their life) to strong your units. what’s more, you also need find balance in more citizen and Originiums Infection level, I think It’s interesting. hope you can enjoy it.

If you love this mod, please send me a thumbs-up for my hard work, It would encourage me to update this mod better in the future.
Any suggestion or question please comments in the commentary, I will watch it and reply as soon as possible. Thx.

I think it is because gacha is processed locally and thus it will cause synchronization error.

The gacha mechanic doesn’t work in multiplayer. Causes a disconnect and then undoes whatever was given, I think the game may think it’s cheating.

this mod contain english version I use lua in this mod, so It’s pity can not get Operator in multiplayer.