GreatWall Triggers Culturebomb + Build outside of territory

MOD Desc
The GreatWall now trigger culturebomb.
Also can be built outside of territory.
Now compatible with Gathering Storm.

It is just not fun.

All the animations (especially diplomacy) take far too long and slow down the glacial pace of the game even further. Everything feels like it takes too long so you spend many turns just clicking the next turn button. I hate that the builders expire after doing 3 actions and then you need another dozen turns to build another but then your city is even further behind the AI in buildings. It makes the tile improvements feel weak and the only ones worth it are strategic/luxury resources. Any other tile improvements you will most likly build a district on top of in the future anyway. The district system seems interesting on the surface but it quickly just becomes another building that you also can boost by picking the right green hex.

All together the game is just not fun and I found I spent more time in a web browser tab than actually engaged with the game. At least the borderless fullscreen works flawlessly.

This might be short but believe me, just do not buy it. If you will get in a humble bundle or find it on sale for around $10 go ahead and waste that money you could have spent on something better.

Maybe I am stupid or maybe I just played too much IV and V but the new way to build your cities is a huge bummer in my eyes. Everything else is still good old Civ (with cartoony graphics) but to me personally expanding my network of cities was at least 40-50% of the fun I had with this series. Talking about expanding networks, I used to go OCD on covering my territory with a proper road/rail network but that is not possible any longer. Workers are “used up” after a couple of actions so snatching them from your enemies is not as fun any longer.

Afterall me and my friend did not even bother to finish our first and final round of this game and went ahead and installed Civ V again. That will be my recommendation to everyone reading this.