Moda’s Huge Greece Map

MOD Desc
A huge-sized (106×66) map of Greece and the surrounding area, stretching from Southern Italy in the West, to Western Turkey in the East.
Resources and goody huts are not randomized.


True Start Locations for:
– Greece (Gorgo [Sparta] and Pericles [Athens])
– Rome (Spawns at Naples)
– Ottomans (Spawns at Istanbul)
– Persia (Spawns in Western Anatolia near Sardis)
– Macedon (Spawns at Pella)
– Valletta
– Preslav
– Hattusa

All other Civs and City-States are playable, with spawn points randomly selected from a pool of 30+ locations.

Feel free to edit and use this map as you please, including with your own mods. All I ask is to be credited if you re-upload my work!
Direct Download:

Known Bugs and Issues:
– Game will crash if this map is played with more than around 34 civs.
– Currently, maps made with the in-game world builder don’t have river flooding or the ability to create dams. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix that right now.

Honestly, this game isn’t worth any of the money you can pay to it. I bought this game for like $30 and it was the worst $30 I have ever spent. This game is really mediocre. I played 5 hours of it and man is it bad. I have several issues with this game.

– Government and government policy thing: I like the aspect of a government depending on what tech you have, its cool to be a Communist England or a Fascist America. I like the roleplay aspect of it so yeah, its good.
– Gathering Storm DLC: This DLC honestly is a really good DLC. I love the aspect of natural disasters and I also am thankful they added a United Nations thingy. Its honestly a good feature for the game.
– Civilizations available: There is a good range of civs to play as but a lot of them are placed behind dlcs which honestly I don’t like, they did that with Civ 5 and I didn’t like that but it was bearable to buy on sale.
– Eureka: It gives some civs advantages in certain techs and some not, so researching another tech than some other one because you are about to get that eureka. Its a good mechanic that has benefits.

– Graphics: The graphics in Civilization 6 is very cartoony and confusing at certain times. The art style just doesn’t look like a Civilization game. There is a lot less units in each unit so you only see like 3 redcoats which I believe takes away from the aspect of a unit that can encompass an entire tile. I don’t think that 3 guys could handle an entire jungle.
– Technology: A big issue I have with this game is the technology trees. I believe splitting the technology trees was a really bad idea. It just makes both tech trees look very bare and not have a lot in them. Civilization 5 tech trees were great because of the compact techs which had 5 rows of tech until the end of the game. The civics techs can be fused into the normal technology tree and will make it more compact.
– Less Unit Types: Another big issue with this game is that there is less unit types in this game. There isn’t a medieval longswordman or a industrial unit type. Other units aren’t there too.
– Movement: A massive issue I have with this game is the movement. After playing Civilization 5 where you could move onto a grassland then move across a river was normal and actually made movement strategic. They took this out and you can only move onto the grassland tile. This honestly takes so much away from the strategic part of the game. Moving units is now just moving units instead of moving units in a certain way to get the most out of them.
– DLC Prices: The DLC prices are just outrageous. One DLC is $20 less than the base price of the game and another is legit only $10 less. Yeah the DLCs become a little more reasonable to buy when on sale but having a sale that makes a $40 DLC $20 doesn’t really help that much when I can use that $20 on a better game like Civilization 5.

Overall, they should have rethought a lot of things when making this game. Civilization 5 is such a better game and the people that say that I shouldn’t be expecting a better Civ 5 are totally wrong. When you make a sequel, you make it to either be a continuation of a storyline or to be better than the previous game. I don’t make a sequel to completely recreate a game. It just doesn’t make sense. Just don’t buy this game, just buy Civilization 5 when its on sale. Get the Complete Bundle for like $12 and have all the DLCs instead of paying over $100 for a full game. Hope this guide actually helped you.

Almost a year after it’s release, let’s see how Sid Meier’s Civilization VI fares. Is it a great game? Is it a bad game? Is it a disappoi- DING! Correct! It’s a @#$%ing disappointment! …Let me see if I can explain why.

This review was made possible with the help of Daegon Black. Thanks for the help.

Note: This review does not include the features and/or changes that the Rise & Fall expansion will bring. That will be reviewed separately.

The Good >> Culture:

Civilization VI (or Civ VI for short) introduces a neat change to the policy gameplay, by adding its own research tree known as a Civic Tree.

The Civic Tree, which uses culture, focuses on researching policies that helps your civilization in various ways as it has done in the previous games of the series. Of course, you can only have so much policies in effect for a period of time, but after researching certain civics in the Civic Tree, you will be able to use more policies.

I really like this addition to the game. For one, this puts players on a different focus, in which they can’t just focus on science all the time, they now need to focus on culture. And two, when playing Civilization, I usually play a cultural style and to see the developers increase the uses for culture is a big plus in my book.

The Bad >> Military:

The AI for the opposing civilizations in Civ VI is easily the most frustrating experience I’ve had to deal with to date. They’re very sensitive to the actions that you make, or don’t make, and they critique your army a lot in this game.

When playing against AIs, you can view their agendas, which tells you what they like or dislike from their opponents. Problem is, the majority of them prefer seeing a strong military. In the case you don’t have a strong army, your enemies will let you know by contacting you, denouncing you and eventually, declaring war on you.

One example of poor AI that I want to share. One game, I had a group of enemy units next to my borders. Eventually, war was declared, but instead of attacking my units, the enemy turned their units around back towards their city.

The Ugly >> Production:

Another new addition that Civ VI introduces is Districts. Districts focuses on the key elements of the game, science, culture, money, production, you name it. They are essential in advancing in the game. Problem here is that it cuts down the pace of the game.

If you were to look at this game’s predecessor, Civ V, you could build any type of buildings & wonders at anytime in the game. In Civ VI, you need to have the specified district built if you want to build specific buildings, and wonders suffers more problems as well. Some of them needs a particular district and maybe another building before you can start constructing it.

Another thing to note is that the first few Districts will take time to build. Adding insult to injury, the Industrial District, which specializes in production, is among the last districts you will research as it’s far from the start of the game.

It saddens me to make the move of not recommending this game. I want to like this game and I want to recommend it to friends & various people, but considering the negative points that I made, which can’t be ignored that easily, this is a game you should avoid. There are much better 4x strategy games out there that won’t frustrate you like this one.