Social Mechanic’s Policy Rework

MOD Desc
Social Mechanic’s Policy Rework


This Civ 6 mod reworks some Policies and adds some additional Policies.
This list details all changes:

New Changes (2020/04/26):
Bastions : No longer made obsolete by Public Works. Defense bonused changed from +6 to +5.
Limes : No longer made obsolete at Civil Engineering.
NEW Defensive Engineering (Industrial Era): Replaces both Bastions and Limes. Provides both of their bonuses on a single Policy card.
Veterancy : Also includes the Aerodrome and Aerodrome buildings.
Military Research : Now includes +2 Science from Airports.
Music Censorship : Removed from the game.
Sports Media : No longer replaces Grand Opera. Now replaces Scripture. Provides +100% adjacency bonus to Holy Site districts (as well as Theater Square). No longer provides bonus Amenities from Stadiums.
NEW Ideological Warfare (Atomic Era): Foreign cities within 9 tiles of your cities with 10 population or greater lose 2 Loyalty per turn.
NEW Honorific Dogmatism (Information Era): Replaces Revelation (no longer replaced by Invention), Military Organization, and Navigation. Provides +4 Great Admiral, General, and Prophet Points (for the faith).
NEW Techno-Materialism (Information Era): Replaces Invention, Laissez-Faire, and Science Foundations. Provides +4 Great Engineer, Merchant, and Scientist Points.
NEW Progressive Artistry (Information Era): Replaces Literary Tradition, Frescoes, and Symphonies. Provides +4 Great Artist, Musician, and Writer Points.
NEW Secularization (Future Era): Inquisitors cost 75% less Faith.
NEW Word of Blake (Future Era): Religion passively spreads 50% further away and all Apostles gain the Proselytizer promotion.

Survey : Also gives Recon units +1 Movement.
NEW Forward Observers (Industrial Era): Replaces Survey and Discipline (rather than Native Conquest). Provides +10 Combat Strength vs. Barbarians and +1 Movement to Recon and Naval Raider units.
Urban Planning : Also provides an additional +1 Production to coastal cities.
NEW Urban Development (Modern Era): Replaces Urban Planning (rather than Exploration). Provides +X Production to each city, where X is equal to the number of specialty districts in the city.
Colonial Offices : No longer makes Urban Planning obsolete.
NEW Colonial Supremacy (Information Era): Replaces both Colonial Offices and Colonial Taxes. Provides both of their bonuses on a single Policy card.
Trade Confederation : Now also provides +1 Faith.
Serfdom : Now provides the previous +30% Production toward Builders, but only gives +1 charge.
Insulae : Now provides +2 Housing, rather than +1.
Marina Quarter : Now provides +3 Housing, rather than +2 (still replaces Insulae).
NEW Goods and Services : Provides +1 Amenity to all cities with at least 2 specialty districts.
Liberalism : Replaces Goods and Services. Now provides +2 Amenities to all cities with at least 3 specialty districts.
New Deal : Provides +3 Amenities and +3 Housing, rather than +2 and +4 (respectively) (still replaces Liberalism and Marina Quarter).
Raj : No longer provides gold, but provides +3 Science, Culture, and Faith, rather than +2.
Religious Orders : Now a Military policy card, rather than an Economic one.
Public Transportation : Now also includes both Dams and Canals
Civil Prestige : Now provides +2 Amenities, rather than +1.
Market Economy : Now also provides +2 Faith. No longer provides bonuses from Luxury or Strategic resources.
Integrated Space Cell : Now longer replaces Military Research. Also receive bonus from Airports. Includes all projects, rather than just Space Race projects.
Communications Office : Now gives a default +1 Loyalty, on top of its existing bonuses.
NEW Police Regime (??? Era): Replaces Retainers (rather than Propaganda) and Limitanei. Provides both of their bonuses on a single Policy card.
Disinformation Campaign : Now provides +4 Favor, rather than +3.
Flower Power : Purchase and Production cost increase now also excludes Naturalists.

Known issues : Policy pages in the Civilopedia are unfinished.

This mod should be compatible with most mods, unless they directly impact existing policies this mod already changes.

I hate to say this about a Civilization game, but I can’t recommend this one at all. I strongly recommend either Civ V Game of the Year Edition, or even one of the earlier versions. I’ve started multiple games, and I’ve quite frankly gotten bored. There is no ‘Just one more turn!’ feeling here.

The Good
– Some fantastic new music.
– An attempt at refreshing the whole series, not just copy-pasting a previous game with better graphics.
– Civilizations are more unique and focused.

The Bad
– Everything is a bit more complex, a bit slower, and a bit more tedious than in previous games, but for no benefit to the gameplay. Want to build an upgraded spearman? OK, research this technology, then this civic, then build this military district on a different tile than your home city, then build a barracks, then build the spearman. It gets worse.
– The maps are muddled, clogged up messes after two-three hours.
– Movement and combat is painfully slow. City-states now have tons of units moving around, as well. And changing it to instant reduces your chance of seeing what is going on.
– Religion is now a new type of war, basically. Churn out attack priests and defensive nuns and then preach each other to oblivion. And if you get converted? Game over. Because countries with the same religion have never fought each other before………
– Many, many changes only for the sake of being different.
– Childish graphics, repetitive (but good) soundtrack, silly animations
– It’s just not fun.

The Ugly
– The cartoony ‘strategic’ view.
– The quotes are TERRIBLE, and not inspirational in the least. They literally took an intern and just Googled quotes. Many are from completely unknown bloggers, or lame attempts at humor, or worse. I’m not sure what they were thinking… For example:
”Tsingy is a 250-square-mile tiger trap made up on massive obelisks riddled with jagged spears. And yes, they will cut your pretty face.’ – Budd Erickson’

I am not one to usually write reviews but I have put many hours into Civ V and Civ VI (Played a few of the others but it’s been awhile). A lot of people ask which one is better, so i’m going to briefly explain what i like about each one and both and then review VI. I like both of the games for different reasons. Civ V has more of the ‘Classic’ civ feel, and it doesn’t require you to build a big empire to have success. There are a lot of different playstyles that work well and some parts are a lot more simplified. Civ VI games seem to drag on a lot, especially in the late game, compared to past titles. I feel like VI is more tough for newer players because of the new district formats (which i actually do like the concept of, but with the new policy cards and buildings sometimes it becomes a cluttered mess). You’re also heavily rewarded and/or punished for building or not building a good sized civilization. I can only imagine the nightmare it would be for a new player trying to manage and organize an empire. I mean yeah new players could play at lower difficulty but I just really don’t like the idea of forcing into a certain same playstyle every game just to have a decent shot at victory, regardless of difficulty or Victory type. The AI is a little better, but still lacks in a lot of areas. Sometimes AI civilizations are super repetitive and always try the same tactics, regardless of their leader. I do have a lot of fun playing the game, but i definitely wouldn’t recommend the base game without the DLC which sucks. Sometimes the base game feels incomplete, and it felt like the first 2 DLC was catching up on some game balance things(I still prefer to use mods while playing as well, as i don’t feel like all things are balanced), as well as being a little overpriced for all that you get in my opinion, especially compared to the likes of Brave New World from Civ V. I’m hopeful about New Frontier though! So far it’s cool seeing the new resources on the map, can’t wait to see what is next.