MOD Desc
Design Goal/ Overview:
The design goal for this mod is fairly simple.

  • Allow SINGLE cities to specialize as Urban, Rural, or somewhere between, with significant visual distinction between the two.
  • Act as a mini game expansion, which means altering VERY few vanilla systems.

This was accomplished through the use of two, mutually exclusive, new sets of districts:

  • Core Expansion Districts (Urban Cities)

3 tiers, each unlocked as you progress through the Tech Tree.

  • Rural Community Districts (Rural Cities)

3 Versions, unlock early in the Tech Tree. Can all be built multiple times in the same city with increasing costs.

Urban cities are designed to be mid and late game powerhouses in terms of yield generation (Science, Culture, Production, Gold, Faith) that focus on district adjacencies and specialist yields; but they will require a large amount of support and resources to get there.

Rural Cities function more or less the exact opposite of Urban cities, they are entirely tile based!
Though Rural specialized cities are crucial for supporting Urban cities, they are not simply JUST there for support. You may find yourself leaning more urban, or more rural in a certain playthrough, with different win conditions (and civs) leaning toward each of the two.

This however, is just the tip of the iceberg…

For a full design breakdown, check out the google doc here:

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– san Core expansion districts have the same placement rules as aqueducts which can have wonky rules sometimes. Try imagining the visual model of the aqueduct – it can’t double back on itself as that wouldn’t make sense. The aqueduct (in this case, the core expansion district) must be on a tile that has a river edge that the city center doesn’t already have access to. To better see if a tile adjacent to a city center is applicable for aqueduct/core district placement, draw a line from the city center to the middle of said tile, and then continue that line to a river edge such that it doesn’t double back on itself. It has the aqueduct’s placement requirements because there is a modding limitation in which custom modded districts can only use the placement requirements of base game districts and not stuff like wonders. Core expansions need to be adjacent to the city centre for both gameplay and artdef related so this was the best solution. Hope this helps

do you suggest using a mod that allows to remove district to remove rural expansion later y the game in some places or something similar?Also, I’ve got a suggestion: maybe there could be an amount of ‘ruralness’ that locks expansion of certain eras but allows later on and viceversa. Something like 2 rural districts forbid the classical expansion but later on, as somewhat kinda historical, a renaissance expansion is desired so you cannot keep ‘ruralising’ the city; or maybe if you put a classical expansion later on ejemplifying that some cities had certain downfalls (like Rome after the empire fell) you could instead of building a second tier expansion start ruralising it. Maybe it’d interesting to implement something like the removal of these districts in particular for the mod. Well anyway, this is one of the best mods I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been playing since I was in kinder garden and now this is my 3rd uni year so that means I really like it haha. Thanks bro!