Map of Northeast Asia

MOD Desc
A huge size map of Northeast Asia which with super fine details; including central and eastern China, Korean Peninsula, Japan, southern Mongolia, and the north edge of Indochina Peninsula.

TSL function for China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, India, Scythia, Maori, Khmer, and Indonesia has been updated (the map name is ‘Northeast Asia(TSL)’) , other civilizations will start randomly;
but you can still play a all-random game (the map name is ‘Northeast Asia(Random)’).

——V1.5 update (2019 October 28th): All rivers now have floods!!!——

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The original Civ 6 package comes with a map of East Asia, which is limited in size and lacks detail. As a person super into geography, I created a larger map of Northeast Asia. It includes eastern and central China, southern Mongolia, the entire Korea and Japan, as well as the north margin of Indochina. You can add this map to your game by subscribing at
This map reflects many fine geographical features of the region, because I made this map with reference to several maps such as Google Map, topological maps, maps of drainage systems, temperature, and precipitation, as well as famous mountain passes and well-known wars fought in history. Forgive me for some small deviations in latitude as I took playability into account as well.
TAKE NOTE: In order to imitate reality, I removed a few restrictions in the way resources relate to terrain, e.g. I allowed salt to occur on grassland and cow to occur on plains. This change will apply to any other random map game you play as long as you enable this Northeast Asia Map mod. To prevent this change from affecting resource generation in other maps, you can disable this mod under the option ‘Additional Content’ in Civ 6’s main menu.

There are two play modes that correspond to two maps: Northeast Asia (TSL) and Northeast Asia (Random). The Random map produces the starting locations of every civilization randomly. The TSL map has the following TSL,
China – Xianyang, China (Qin Shihuang’s real capital. 33km/20mi or one tile away from our beloved Xi’an)
Japan – Kyoto, Japan (you surely know it well)
Korea – Kaesong, North Korea (capital of Goryeo Kingdom, now on the north-south border)
Russia – Vladivostok, Russia (Russia’s largest port on Pacific Ocean)
Mongolia – Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, China (where grandson of Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, inherits the throne)
Scythia – the Altai Mountain (border between China, Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan)
India – north of Mandalay, Myanmar
Khmer – west of Hanoi, Vietnam
Indonesia – Nagasaki, Japan (Gandhi wants to know your location)
Maori – East China Sea
while the remaining civs start in any of the following places:
Luoyang, Handan, Taiyuan, Beijing, Siping, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhangye, Wuchang, Shaoyang, Nanchang, Guangzhou/Canton, Taipei, Nanjing, Ningbo, Xiamen, Qingdao/Tsingtao, Xuzhou, Lanzhou, Kunming, Guiyang, Karakorum/Qaraqorum, Nanning, Tokyo, Liao’s Shangjing.

Map Size: Huge (other map sizes chosen will not alter the map size [which is huge], but will change the default number of players and number of Great Prophets)
Number of Civs: 16-20 (this map has even higher land-to-sea ratio than a Pangea map)
Speed of Game: marathon or epic (the slower the speed, the more likely you can conquer the entire oriental world)

Continents are assigned more from an ancient Chinese perspective than modern nation borders.
China Proper: up to Liaoning, northwestern tip of Korea, Gansu corridor, Hehuang Valley of Qinghai, and Ningxia.
The North: the Mongolian Plateau, including Hetao (a fertile plain in the middle of sand irrigated by upper Yellow River)
Tungus: Manchuria, northwestern Korea
Yingzhou: Japan, southern Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands, Pacific Islands (not related to the Japanese colonial empire; Yingzhou is a historical name used by the Chinese)
Qinghai and Tibet: the Tibetan Plateau
Indochina: Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, western and southern Yunnan

Boundary between grassland and plains: annual precipitation 800mm/32in (Qinling-Huaihe Line)
Boundary between tundra/snow and other terrains: annual mean temperature of 0℃/32°F
Boundary between wood and rainforest: annual mean temperature of 22℃/72°F
Boundary between crop fields and pasturage: annual precipitation 400mm/16in
Tundra and snow cover the Tibetan Plateau, the Greater Khingan Range, Russian Far East, and northern Hokkaido; rainforest occurs in coastal southern Chinese provinces, Taiwan, southern Yunnan, and Indochina.

  • The start position is random in this version. If you set enough civs (about 18), there will be some players start in Japan and/or Burma and/or Mongolia…
  • There is no japanese sea. Think about it. Recently, when Russian combat plane flew there whether they didn’t know or on purpose, Korean air force made their stance immediately and they react with several warning shot. japan? Absolutely nothing.
  • do not just use the ‘restart’ button in the game options, but start a new game after quitting this game so you maybe can get some other start location. I have no way to determine the start location because of some bugs of the WorldBuilder in this version, maybe I will add some TSL position while these bugs has been fixed. Thank you!
  • Sorry friends, the TSL function has some bugs in today’s WorldBuilder, if they fix these bugs in the future, I’ll add a TSL version in this MOD
  • whenever i start a game the only civ that is placed correctly is china is there a way to get all the asian civs that can be techincally placed there in their correct area?