Great Works Viewer

MOD Desc
Improves the Great Works view by:
Sort by building type to get similar works close to each other.
Expand view to your screen size.
Filter by work slot type.

: Thanks for the file.After Palace comes the Wonders, by name, so that is why Apadana tends to be there.After wonders, buildings are separated by districts which is why Bank and Natural History Museum ends up where they are. Buildings within a district are sorted by the internal building id, so e.g. BUILDING_BROADCAST comes before BUILDING_MUSEUM_ART, even though their displayed names are in a different order.I won’t say that the sorting is good, but it is as intended :-)I now have a working version that sorts buildings on displayed name which I believe is nicer.When it comes to the filter functions I do not understand your description.E.g. Bolshoi Theatre shows up under both the Writing and Music filters and I do not see anything strange going on there.

Something strange i’ve been meaning to report for awhile;The ‘National History Museum’ & ‘Special BANK with two extra slots’ keep being pushed off to the far right side while i’d prefer if these two components would be slotted within the regular major groups on the left (away from the additionally ‘conquered’ elements, etc) — if possible.Secondly, it seems a few artifact types aren’t being integrated within their usual categories when we select some parsing options & stay off in the non-parsable ‘areas’. IIRC.. the only affected types originally affected by this weird skip belong to ‘Combo’ situations where two (different) slots aren’t matched with the right Tabbed contexts.If you could inspect these issues & confirm the conditions are predictable as well.. please fix, asap! 🙂