Mapuche Flavour Adjustments (Unique Monument Art)

MOD Desc
Changes some texts for Mapuche for more flavour, and adds a unique model for the Monument based on the Chemamull.

The following texts are changed:
· The UA Name is now ‘Bravery of the Toqui’ because single word ability names are weird
· The city list has been revamped
· The citizen names have been revamped

This mod doesn’t affect Saved Games

Special thanks to Chumbeque (Hoop Thrower) for the City List and Citizen Names. [Which to be honest is the whole point of the mod so really he should have uploaded it)

If you want the little icons for Appeal and Loyalty to appear, you need this mod.

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Ok, I REALLY have enough of this.
I first liked this product for the long time, every gameplay change was fascinating and interesting to play with, but amount of bugs and inconsistencies both in AI and gameplay just killing any fun I had.
reallt, WTF? Why when I declare war on AI my units are moved outside the territory, but AI don’t have such problem? They just marched their troops right to the central parts of my country and declared war and started attack from there?
And what the hell with sudden declaration of war by multiple AI that I no thrreat to AND I don’t work against any of their agendas in any way? Aren’t those supposed to be what creates ‘characters’ for civ leaders? Well, your characters are .

I must concur the AI is terrible. No matter what I do, even being peaceful, everyone hates me. Often times as soon as two AIs can do a Joint War they declare one on me, and I have done absoutely nothing to them. This includes Gandhi and Roosevelt. I even traded with them. I dare defend myself, capture a city, and am branded a warmonger forever more. I just don’t care anymore what the AI civs think. They’ll hate me eventually. It’s as bad if not worse than the original Civilization game where the default is everyone hates you as soon as they meet you.

Tchaikovsky is in error. When it says 1812 Overture the music played is Romeo and Juliet. When it says Romero and Juliet, the music played is Nutcracker.