[Needs R&F or GS] Yuni leads Landsol

MOD Desc
This mod currently fully support Simplified Chinese and partially support English.
Data of this mod may be changed at ANY TIME, may making it incompatible with old saves.
Civilopedia articles are not translated into English yet.
This mod has no dedicated configuration to work with any other mod. If you need to play this mod with other mods you may (and need to) modify it manually.
You are allowed to edit and redistribute files that are made completely by the author of this mod (mainly XMLs and ArtDefs). You can treat these files as if they are in public domain.

Yuni is a character in mobile Princess Connect Re:Dive (she is only available in Traditional Chinese and Japanese version for now). She is erudite and loves reading, and this mod is inspired by her.

Leader Unique Trait – Knowledge of Erudites

Each Library gets a Writing great work slot, +1 Great Writer Point for each Campus district with Library building. +2 Science from each Great Work of Writing. Gain the Yunicopter unique unit with Flight.

Civilization Unique Trait – Princess Knight of Landsol

Grant an extra unique leader trait for each Landsol leader. For Yuni it’s Philosophy of Cognition and Development: Every unit gets a free Promotion when produced or upgraded. Campus district and Theater Square district’s adjacency bonuses both provide Science and] Culture. Mines over strategic resources provide +1 Science and Culture.

Leader Unique Unit – Yunicopter

Landsol unique Modern era support unit when Yuni is their leader that replaces the Observation Balloon. Adds +1 Range and +5 Bombard Strength to Siege class units within 1 hex.

Unique Unit – Royal Palace Order Cannon

Landsol unique Renaissance era siege unit that replaces the Bombard. Cannot move and attack on the same turn unless they’ve earned the Expert Crew promotion. +10 Combat Strength vs. land and naval units.

Unique Building – Guildhouse

Provides Production and Housing. Districts in this city provide +1 Great Person points of their type (for example, Great Writer points from the Theater Square district).

Known issue:

No background music in diplomacy panel. There is a way to add music there, however a side effect is that you will have to choose between hearing loading info audio (‘Dawn of Man’ audio) of other leaders or silencing all loading info audio including era specific one (‘From the first stirring of life beneath water…’).

If you have solutions or workarounds for these issues, please help me.

Tried it out over the weekend.
Nice graphics. Looks good, nice animation.
However game play still not sure about. Attacking another city is seriously hard tried it with 12 units to his 2 and only just won with 4 units left all half dead and it took about 6 turns. (No stacking of units allowed)
AI seems to be able to produce units much faster than you can which is somehow implausible (I had 7 cities to AI’s 2 cities) it took me a minimum of 4 turns to produce a unit from capitol where as AI had a new unit each turn?
The diplomacy screen was a bit off…seems they can denounce me but when I tried to denounce one of the AI for warmongering…I couldn’t. Tiles give very limited resources even when upgraded by worker.
Will need to play it more to make up mind fully. But initial impact…jury still out…

What a boring- game. For some reason every single player match seems the same. Ghandi goes loco, islam is the overtaking religion, China always has the biggest population and most cities. (It actually plays like that, I dont intend to start anything here).

The game is extremely repetative and not exciting. I never really felt like finishing a match, and that is because of the worst part of this game: After you researched and upgraded everything, there is nothing more to it. Its just moving your units around and keep upgrading your cities like you did with the previous 900. The dialogue with other factions in this game is so horrible and limited. Its either ”gib monie” or star a war.

For some reason I get really nauseous when playing this game. You’ll get that sometimes when you’re REALLY bored.