Culture Bomb for Government Plaza

MOD Desc
UPDATE: Compatible with GS (optional) now.
LEGACY ONLY: This mod is now fully incorporated into my Urban Complexity – Government Plaza Expansion mod, where support will continue. I will keep this mod here uploaded for those who already started games with it and for anyone who wants to have this feature as a standalone. But for the full experience, I recommend changing over to the new mod.


Does exactly what the title says: when you build a Government Plaza, it triggers a Culture Bomb.

This way, every civ has guaranteed access to at least one culture bomb every game, without enabling a too liberal use. If your Civ has no other sources for culture bombs, you only get one, so use it wisely!

No more adjacency bonuses from foreign Government Plazas. Your seat of power will remain untouched by foreign borders and all adjacent tiles where a sweet adjacency bonus awaits shall be yours!


Obviously requires R&F.

Also, I recommend not using this together with other mods which change the Government Plaza. They may be compatible, or they may not, or balance could be impacted negatively (e.g. when used together with JFD’s Rule with Faith).

I love that Civ VI is enough like Civ V so that I know how to play the game but that it’s different enough to need to learn new systems. The victory conditions are much more involved, the graphics are amazing, the sound track evolves with you as you grow and advance and the voice of Sean Bean as narrator is absolutely perfect!

I have over 300 hours game play on Civ V and, because of that, assumed going for a science victory would be a piece of cake. It’s NOT! I’ve finished one game of Civ VI so far and won on score alone because I did not plan my cities in a way so that I could get a science win. I can’t wait to start a second game and put some of the ideas I have after playing once into play and see if that helps. In short, I’m having a blast learning this game. It’s, to me, the perfect addition to the Civilization series!

Editing because I forgot to mention what I didn’t like about the game. I wish the Builders lasted longer than 3 jobs!! I don’t like not being able to see countries/city-states I don’t have really good relationships with (can *see* them but not in bold colorful detail). Those are the two main things. I have an issue with religion and it’s spread but, in all honesty, I think my issue is that I don’t understand how freaking FAST my neighbor country was able to spawn so many apostles so fast. My cities were converted before I could benefit from my own religion.

I wouldn’t recommend this game at the moment.

I played on Prince difficulty (standard) for my first playthrough while I got used to the new systems etc. I focused on science output and found myself 27 technologies ahead of my nearest rival (more than double). I conquered the Civs that were on my continent then spent a bit of time sorting out the empire while I decided whether to go for Science or Domination victory, I destroyed another Civ then before I know it I win a Culture victory, I’d hardly gone for any culture the whole game.

I’ve started again on a higher difficulty but I really don’t like the Civ method of making it harder, I want to play against a smarter opponent, not one that just has lower costs etc than me.

It seems like the AI is still playing Civ5, totally unaware of all the boosts to technology and civics that are available. It also seems to have a problem upgrading troops meaning it often just has a mass of slingers and warriers while you roll through it with a few tanks and artillery in the late game.

While the systems all feel improved the AI doesn’t seem capable of using them which makes much of it pretty pointless.

I’m pretty sure Civ6 will be a really great Civ game, but they need to put a LOT of work into the AI to make it happen. If it does I’ll happily change my review.

EDIT: 02/11/16 minor edit regarding AI capabilities.