Denmark: Christian X

MOD Desc

DENMARK (CHRISTIAN X) Trait: Kongemaerket
Civilian Units trained in cities at full Loyalty ignore Zone of Control and have +1 Movement in owned territory. During wartime, cities can work the King’s Ride unique project.

Project: King’s Ride
Danish unique District-based project when Christian X is their leader which provides +1 Amenity and Culture whilst active, and +20 Loyalty once finished. Can only be worked when the player is at war.

Agenda: There Rides the King
Will seek to maintain the Loyalty of his Citizens without a large standing army, and likes civilizations that do the same. Believes civilizations that maintain a large standing army and the Loyalty of their own Citizens do so through fear, and thus despise them.


  • v1
  • Updated for New Frontier.

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As a great fan of the Civ franchise (I started with the original one and propably played over a 1000 hours in each of the previous ones), Civ VI is a let down. I’ve really tried to like it, but the game is just no fun.

I like to play on huge maps with huge empires, but the civilizations in Civ6 are so close by that you have no choice but to go to war after 3 or 4 cities. A war you basically cannot lose. And once you have defeated the AI’s directly around you, there really is no reason to stop. You have the armies and AI is truly pitiful in its defense. Any other strategy feels like giving yourself a handicap on purpose.

If the fights were fun, it might not matter that much, but they are not. Moving your army around is just slow and boring. No fun at all.

So all games feel alike, with no challenge or sense of accomplishment. Why play?

Colouring Hexagon simulator.

+ Same old Civ Formula nothing really new.
+ Art style is different
+ Leaders look cool.
+ Mod Support (Thank god this game needs it)
+ Cleopatra looking thicc

– All the new fun mechanics locked behind insane price walls.
– Game is buggy mess
– AI feels like was written in 1960.
– Civ’s locked behind paywalls
– Feels like it was designed for people who like the idea of strategy games but lack the IQ to play them.
– Multiplayer connectivity issues across platforms.
– Lacking features from CIV 4 let alone CIV 5..
– Start getting ahead on score? Whole world declares war on you. Started a war 2000 Years ago with a Civ? Still hold warmongers penalty, Just met a Civ but was once involved in a War? Warmongers. Just Settled a City? Warmonger.
– You Warmonger Pig *Declares War*