[GS] Goguryeo Kingdom

MOD Desc

Unique Ability: Eternal Rejoice
All cavalry units adjacent to a Great General ignore upcoming movement penalties for both hills and rivers (units stacked or in escort formation with a General do not count). Can declare War of Territorial Expansion after researching the Political Philosophy Civic.

Unique Unit: Gaemamusa
Classical Era heavy cavalry unit. Stronger than the Horseman, but costs more and has only 3 movement. Does siege damage to enemy walls and gains +4 Combat Strength if you own Iron.

Unique Ability: Spies, Lies, and Baduk
Gain a Spy after researching Theology. Receive a Relic when this player captures a city with 2 or more specialty districts. Relics provide +4 Production and +2 Gold.

Unique District: Ondol Village
Standalone unique district. Provides +2 Housing, +1 Amenity for the first built in a city, and +1 Production for each adjacent City Center, Holy Site, Commercial Hub, and Encampment district.

Agenda: Taewang
Respects civilizations with a strong economy and powerful military. Dislikes those that neglect military.

Strategy Goguryeo wants to quickly develop a military foundation, setting up an early assault on it’s neighbors. The construction of Ondols aid the growth of their army and cities, providing Housing, Amenity, and Production. An early spy allows Jangsu to cause instability and turmoil, weakening prospective cities before a swift assault. By conquering key cities with multiple districts, they acquire Relics which provide bonus Production and Gold. Through war and industry, Goguryeo hopes to establish a large empire, pushing towards a late-game Domination victory.

Mod Support
Gedemon’s YNAMP
— Giant Earth

In-Game Assets: lola (District model)
Reference Code: Merrick, Leugi
Tutorial Template: Keniisu

Whether you had fun, or thought it sucked, be sure to rate! After countless hours modding, it means so much to get real feedback on the final product. Enjoy!

First: I like Civ VI and think that it has the potential to be the best in the series. However, there are a few reasons I can’t recommend it right now.

1: The AI is godawful. You thought the AI in Civ V was bad, next to the Civ VI AI however, it looks pretty smart. I think part of the reason the AI is so bad is because they fleshed out the cities into districts. This requires a large amount of planning, something the AI is incapable of. You often find the AI settling in places where they won’t be able to take advantage of their district placement. In the event the AI settles a city in a good spot, they place the district in random (it might actually be a RNG controlling this) places where it serves no purpose. When you get into wars with the AI, it is PATHETICALLY easy to fight and EXTREMELY predictable. The AI is only a challenge in wars when they have a sheer numbers/tech advantage, and I don’t mean one civ, I mean like a 3v1 where they have one tier unit above you. In higher difficulties the AI units deal more damage, which doesn’t actually make it any harder, it just draws out wars because the AI is so stupid in the first place it won’t do anything with them. The AI also doesn’t get rid of units, so if it never gets iron, you can bet there will be warriors attacking your infantry.

2: UI/tips are awful. The UI, while cleaner, is more confusing because you have to click 3 buttons where you should only have to click 1, and the tool tips are absolutely no help. I had no idea how to mannually open my government tab until the medieval era. The tool tips offer no help. Oh, you put a city under siege. Ok, what does that do? Oh, the garrison won’t heal (I had to look this up online, it wasn’t even in the civlopedia).

3: Wonders: I HATE how the wonders take up a tile now. This seemed like a cool idea in theory, but in practice it is just bad. Espesially now that you have to build districts, you are REALLY pressed for tile space. Oftentimes, the wonder isn’t worth it anyway.

4: The split of the tech tree into science and culture. Again, something that sounds really cool, but was poorly implemented into the game. The rate of advancement can be rather…skewed sometimes. With the eureka moments, you can often get almost all techs in half the time if you plan it out, which is crazy.

I have no doubt that the game will become more streamlined and simpler after some patches and maybe and expansion or two, and the game is really fun as is. However, I cannot recommend it in its current state unless you are a big fan of the civ series.

Verdict: 6/10, not enough cowbell.