R.E.D Total War for Australia DLC

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Re-Creation of R.E.D Mod. Compatibility mod for R.E.D Total War Modpack and Australia DLC.

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It has just the same problems as the previous versions. The tactical gameplay is just as annoying as before, but it is really the diplomacy that doesn’t work. Characters appear and denounce you for no apparant reason and there is no other response than ‘goodbye’. You cannot offer deals of your own design, can’t make alliances to defeat your enemy, Oh yes, they will demand that you help them fight Roosevelt or whoever but the option that you want, to make war against Gorgo ( or whoever ) just isn’t in the option list. No amount of trading and envoy sending seems to make any difference, you cannot persuade the other states to join you. It is annoyingly slow and your cities take forever to grow. While you are trying to grow and improve your cities, build a trade network and be friendly to everyone, there is a never ending stream of barbarians that just keep coming no matter how many times you wipe out their camps. Then some awkward civilization starts planting cities right in your territory and war is the only option. Why they couldn’t have made this a better game I don’t know. They have had years to work on the AI but it is just as frustrating as ever.

Having played civilisation since its first inception back in the 90s, I’d definitely say this is its best version yet. Its playability seems to have emulated what I see as a lot of the best parts of the previous games & combined them in this most recent version. It definitely feels like the most polished version.

I’m loving the depth we’re now seeing with Nations, leaders, Wonders, Natural Wonders. The naming of the mountain ranges, seas & major landmarks is a great touch which enhances this depth.
The previous versions had espionage, diplomacy, & environmental effects of sorts but the new updates really make them a part of your strategy, rather than simply random events to be managed. The same goes for the addition of governors & more control over great people & their generation.

The way you can develop your government in a myriad of different ways which provides a narrative as to what type of people live in your empire is great. It allows for some pretty crazy combinations.
The new History timeline is also a nice touch.

Great work, I’m looking forward to what its 7th version might be like.

I’ve enjoyed every milestone addition to the franchise up until this one (starting at civ3). Districts do nothing for me. They’re goofy and make your cities not feel like cities. Trade routes are clunky and a constant annoyance, especially once you get to the Renaissance era and beyond.

The AI has annoying tendencies such as sudden deluges of denouncements / wars that come out of nowhere, presumably related to the difficulty setting. Nevermind that a far off nation has never encountered one of your units or you one of their’s (except for that first explorer), and nevermind that they don’t have the ability to travel across the planet to even engage you, seems like there’s just some counter that says you should be at war with 4/10 nations bc of your difficulty setting. And then 30 turns later you make peace after no shots fired, they pay you and are happy with you again.

You blow through eras without being able to build any units from that era bc it took too long to build things from previous eras before you advanced to the next (regardless of whether you’re going for a scientific victory or not).

Sean Bean is great, though.