Globe Theatre (World Wonder)

MOD Desc
Community Wonders presents… the Globe Theatre.

Built in 1599 AD on Maiden Lane in London by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, the theatrical company of which William Shakespeare was a shareholder, the Globe Theatre incorporated a number of design innovations. In 1613 the Globe burned to the ground after the thatched roof was set alight by cannonfire during a production of Henry VIII; it was rebuilt on the same site in 1614 and continued in operation until closed by the Puritans in 1642. Although its exact dimensions are unrecorded, it is known that the Globe Theatre was a three-story, circular, open-air amphitheater roughly 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter and able to seat about 300 spectators.


+1 Amenity in every city with an Amphitheater. 1 free Great Writer appears near the city where the wonder was built (provided one is available). Contains 2 slots for Great Works of Writing. Provides +2 Great Writer Points. It must be built on Grassland, Plains or Tundra next to a River.

The mod also adds 3 new Renaissance era Great Writers: Dante Alighieri, Moliere and John Donne.

Original 3D Model: Firaxis Civ V Artists.
Coding: WitchLychKing.
Other Art: Deliverator.
Special thanks to ShiroToraRyu for his 3D Wonder Tutorial.


If you want to see how this was made the Modbuddy project in on Github:

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first of kudos to the AI in terms of warfare really done well and caught me off guard a few time’s

second let me ask you HELP ME! i havent been doing anything else the past day exept sleeping talking a shower and eating/drinking

third off no i’m not a troll nor is my play time fake

this game really did what civ 5 had to be in my opinion it has a few flaws yes but here are the good and bad things in my opinion

+AI: you can see especially in terms of warfare the ai and especially the barbarians are a pest who can ruin your early game if you dont plan well in my experience its very common that a civ beats the dust at the classical era

+Graphics: Day and night cycle really adds a bit of graphical detail game overal looks beautiful

+Reseach and civics seperated: add so much more inversity to the game

+Ghandi is back and we discover his true nature not gonna spoil that 😉

+early mid game there is just so much to do at the start exploring is fun thanks to the addition of continent’s new resources

+the music this is probably the thing i love more than anything in the game before i played ‘seriously’ i was hypnotised by the intro and the menu song also each era the music get’s a bit more advanced

+faction introductions there is so much more the introductions are more fitting to each leader

+ cutscene’s building a wonder launching a rocket again praise to graphical details

the bad

-Diplomacy feels empty i dont feel i can make a declaration of friendship with anyone or take a trade heck they wont even accept my delegations that being said if i am not being demounced by said leader for not bringing my religion to kongo or builded a wonder before china it restricts the game really

-late game. it just feels dull there is almost nothing to do exept facing demouncing threads from civ’s who at prince assault you with spearman good luck against that machine gun man :/ only to after the said deed declare peace when i destroyed a 1-3 situation to only have it return 10 turns later there is no world congress and diplomatic victory is no more i really hope there will be a dlc expansion something for that

-barbarians spawning rate i know this is Civ VI barbarians ar part of the game but when i want to learn a game as how it should be learned i wish you could adjust the spawn rate for barbarians ive seen barbarian camps spawn 1 spearman every turn RIGHT NEXT TO MY FREAKING LV 5 city kudos to those who can play this on emperor or deity

overal i still love the game wich for me stood the test of time
gameplay 8
Graphics 9
music/sound 10
AI 7.5
Overal 8

Been a Civ-lover since Civ1 and Civ2. Skipped 3,4, played some 5, and have played a lot of 6. I like them all for different reasons. I’ll lead with what I like about Civ6 (and ultimately why I recommend it), and then close with what I consider wrong with Civ6 at the time of this writing. I have no multiplayer experience with 6.

The Good
– The name of the game is city and district planning, as cities now consume far more than a single map tile. LONG overdue.
– Very aesthetically pleasing. It’s worth playing with music on until you’ve heard it all.
– Apart from the spatial restructuring of cities, it’s Civilization. If you liked any of the games, you’ll probably enjoy this one at least sometimes.
– The pre-made scenarios are fun, and are an excellent idea if you don’t want to commit to a 12h marathon.
– Natural disasters (DLC) add some interesting randomization, though this also lends to a complaint below.

The Bad
– All leaders seem to suffer the same from natural disasters, which fails to reflect, for example, nomadic tribes being more resilient to dust storms. (I may have been mistaken, at least slightly, in this point; Russian units take no damage from blizzards. Looks like some thought went into this, but perhaps not enough for me to fully appreciate the DLC cost.)
– They still have the Giant Death Robots, which means that every long domination game on a large map leads to the same place for every leader: nukes and vacuum cleaners. An option to disable GDR and nukes should be part of the canon code when customizing a game, and it’s not.

The Ugly
– Map generation takes an exceptionally long time, and I have a modern rig with a true beefcake processor.
– ‘Please Wait’ locks on your turn and enemy turns mean auto-saving is mandatory. (On your turn, you can usually open and close the world congress to clear the lock, but no such luck on enemy turns.)
– The Civilopedia seems to be the most neglected aspect of Civ6. Several necessary game mechanics are explained inaccurately, if at all. Also, the text input for it could use a complete makeover.
– The ‘Legendary Start’ feature of custom games, present in prior games as well, is … not all that legendary, as it doesn’t seem to take leader differences into account at all.
– At least one of the custom map types will not start a game with Kupe, since he starts in the water. Some basic error-checking overlooked in several aspects of the game. (To the devs credit, though, they still seem to be paying attention.)

I think Civ 5 remains the better of the (5,6) in terms of polish and smooth function, but 6 is an excellent and developmentally challenging step forward. I’m confident the game will continue to improve, and I’ve certainly enjoyed the majority of my time in it to date.