TSL Earth Remastered (Vanilla)

MOD Desc
Supports Vanilla, Rise&Fall, Gathering storm. No special options, scripts or gameplay changes in this version. Includes Arendelle’s Tiny Earth and smellymummy’s Cordiform Earth maps. Remastered version of the Firaxis True Start Location Earth Map.

Download the full version here.

If you are new to Civ then perhaps this game won’t annoy the living crap out of you.

If you are a Civ veteran then it is likely you will be disappointed with the way Firaxis has handled this.

The two biggest issues are:
1. Lack of hotkey support. For a legacy player the removal of the number pad and hotkeys for actions such as (wait) and (sleep) in favour of mouse only commands rings of a team that doesn’t actually play the game and also ignores the input of long time players. Removing these very simple very easy to add features makes this already long slow game incredibly cumbersome and annoying.

2. Overpriced continuous DLC with a touch of pay to win. The expansions and DLC for this version of Civ have never been more expensive or disappointing. Even further some of the DLC races are OP making the game easier for those willing to pay for it. Expansions and DLC don’t even address the fundamental issues with the UI and lack of hotkey support.

Firaxis has gone from a progressive customer focused leader in the gaming industry to a bloated bureaucracy who is more concerned with bleeding its customers than producing quality games. At this rate years from now Civ VII will be a monthly subscription based game that is always online for no good reason other than profit. They might as well just call themselves EA.